About Us

We have been operating on the railway transport market for over 20 years.

During this period, we improved our knowledge, gained experiences, and built up our network of strong partners and friends.

With this network and long term cooperations, we are represented in the countries we serve, supporting our clients directly on site. We are connected through our partnerships with state railways, private rail companies to logistic operators and truck haulers for the last mile.

We offer rail freights, wagon equipment, transshipping up to the truck delivery as well all as the services from our partners on site, through our consulting services. Our goal is to always find the best logistic solutions also there, where our owned services end and where our partners can directly overtake.


Rail forwarding and freight offers

in between Est-Europe, Germany, Austria and Italy

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We offer rail freights from state owned railways and private companies in the countries of Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Italy.


Consulting services and logistic support

with over 20 years experiences on the market

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In some cases we are able to support your needs regarding the safety certification and vehicle homologation to enter the infrastructure.

Railway Hubs and back reloading

One of our specialties are the combination of rail shipments and truck deliveries. Not many clients are connected directly to the rail infrastructure, where a transshipment and truck delivery is needed. Here we provide the services of special railway HUBs in all countries specialized for these kind of services. Often, we combine these options to find possible back loads for the rail shipments or to improve eventual limitations in the cargo manipulations.

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Rolling stock & maintenance

Some of our partners provide rail wagons and wagon supports. When there is a lack of rail equipment, we can solve it through the renting of special rail cars from our partners or request a “wagons support” trough the state railways from other countries. In some countries we also cooperate with partners in the sector of rail equipment maintenance as well the “mobile workshop”, wagon inspectors etc.

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Consulting in rail vehicle homologation and safety certificates


We have all you need, from the start to the very end.

Warehouse Storage

Providing independent advice and identifying the right fit.

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From our company base in Olomouc, we can offer you storage and distribution of parcel services throughout Europe.

Products and accessories for railway logistics



Anti-graffiti foil protection and cleaning: We offer several products and services related to the protection and removal of graffiti, cleaning and advertising of your rolling stock. See the catalog or contact us for more information.


Accessories and safety clothes: Special safety work clothes for car inspectors and track staff, signs and stickers. See the catalog or contact us for more information.

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LTS Olomouc s.r.o. Bezručova 714/4, 779 00 Olomouc

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